St. Elias Orthodox Church
A Church of the Antiochian Orthodox Church of North America
915 Lynn Street New Castle, PA 16101
About Our Church

Saint Elias Antiochian Orthodox Church grew out of humble beginnings on the South Side of New Castle.  It started in 1913 with a collection of Syrian immigrants who desired to gather for worship and to support one another. Eventually the community grew to the point that needed a church building, which was established on Reynolds Street on the South Side in the 1930s.

In 1969, the church moved to their current location, 915 Lynn Street, just off of Cascade Street on New Castle’s east side.  The church building and hall are located on a nice, quiet cul-de-sac, in a very nice and serene setting.

The church building provides the space, but the great strength of the parish are its people.  Saint Elias is a multi-ethnic, predominantly English-speaking community with a great drive for learning and an equally great desire to serve.  Worship is at the center of parish life, but the response to worship is a call to make disciples of the whole world, in various and diverse manners.

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