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Saint Elias Antiochian Orthodox Church was started in 1913 and began regular services in 1933.

For many years the church was located on Reynolds Street in the south side of New Castle. In 1969 a new church was built at the present location of Lynn Street on the east side of town.

Saint Elias has always been known for several things:

  • Its openness to other Orthodox - the pan-Orthodox nature of our worship shows a commitment to the Orthodox faith, regardless of ethinic background, which is also seen in our mixed community of Syrians, Greeks, Russians, Ukranians, and multi-ethnic converts.
  • Its openness to the community - which is shown both in its community-oriented events and its ministries to the needy.
  • Its food - most notably Syrian bread, which is still made in the church every Tuesday.













St. Elias Antiochian Orthodox Church
915 Lynn Street
New Castle, PA 16101
  Church: (724) 658-1712
Hall: (724) 658-9005
Email: st.elias.antiochian@gmail.com